A mobile app that must not only deliver a decent user experience; it must exceed whatever expectations the app's users may have from it. It is the key to success in a world that is brimming already with Android apps, and new ones getting added every day. So, how do you go about delivering an extraordinary user experience with the Android app for your business?

Well, many people would tell you that you must keep track of all the developments happening in the mobile app world and leverage relevant trends to achieve your goal of an A-grade user experience. They aren't wrong. However, before you can get to the point of harnessing the latest trends in the market, it is essential to get some basic features right. We say this because even though they may feel rudimentary and, hence, not important enough -- they are crucial to ensuring a stable and consistent user experience.

Here are some of the critical considerations you should keep in mind when you set out to develop an Android app for your business.

1. User interface: Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the role the user interface plays when it comes to an app. Would you like an app that is too complicated to navigate through or is inconvenient to use? No, right? The same holds for your users as well. So, make sure that the app is straightforward and can be operated efficiently, no matter how much experience the user has with smartphones or apps.

2. Registration: Users understand that they must first register before they can use the app. However, what they will never be okay with is a lengthy registration process that requires to answer a seemingly endless array of questions. So, ask for only their fundamental information, such as name, mobile number, email id, and more.

3. Lag: Even the tiniest bit of delay can put off your users from using the app. Also, remember, a load time of more than 10 to 15 seconds is problematic and will take a toll on the user experience. So, ensure you factor in measures that will help your app be quick and responsive.

4. Social media integration: Considering the immense popularity of social media tools, it would be unwise not to leverage them for your business' benefits. Make sure that you offer your users the option to connect their social media profiles. Once they do, use this integration to keep them updated about any new developments with the app. You can even encourage users to use their social media profiles to share their experience with your app.

5. Language support: In this highly competitive world, offering support for multiple languages will help you win brownie points with your users.

If you are considering developing an Android app for your business, we are sure you are aware of just how high the competition is. That is why it is essential to make sure that your app addresses at least all these basics. Moreover, if you want to take it up a notch, you should hire a renowned name in the Android app programming services business to make sure you can deliver a stunning user experience to your customers via the app.