Ready-Made or Custom Magento Theme – Which One Suits Your Business The Best?

You are planning to redesign your online retail store and you search for Magento website designs on the web. You get a ton of search results offering free and attractive Magento themes. It's just natural for us to be surprised when we see beautiful Magento themes tagged with a label "Free". When it comes to selecting a theme for your business, you usually get carried away by the best looking Magento theme. But there's more to the selection process than just looks.

What if you end up choosing a theme that is classic but doesn't suit your business style? How do you choose a Magento theme when you have specific business needs and customizations to adhere to? The dilemma of selecting between a good-looking free Magento theme and a sophisticated custom design is what retailers often get into when deciding on the best look for their eCommerce store.

So, take a look at pros and cons of both readymade and custom Magento themes to decide which one suits your requirements the best.

Readymade Magento Theme:

  • Easily affordable: The wide availability of ready-made Magento templates on the web reduces the development cost. Start-ups and small businesses can easily use readymade templates to launch their online store faster.
  • Flexible support with great user experience: When you choose a theme that has been created by programmers, you can readily seek constant support. You can even hire Magento experts to keep your store updated as per current trends. There are various helpful resources available online even if you choose to fix problems on your own.

  • Lack of customization: This is the biggest limitation when you are looking to do something beyond your ready-made Magento theme.
  • Brand representation: Readymade themes are often designed keeping in mind the general functionalities which cannot be customized to represent the uniqueness of your brand. Additionally, such themes have already been used by many other businesses. This, in the long run, does not work as setting up a distinct brand identity is imperative to gaining more customers.

Customized Magento Theme:

  • More functional & unique: A customized template always ensures that the needs of your business, as well as customers, are met. The originality of your website helps to deliver a pleasant and distinct user experience that makes your customers return to your business repeatedly.
  • Greater control: Developing a custom theme gives you complete control over your website. From changing website’s color, fonts, layout, slides, background, features, functionality, etc., you can control how you want your website to look and how your brand should be presented to customers.

  • Longer development cycle: Creating a customized Magento website from scratch is time-consuming. You might need to partner with a Magento design and development company or hire in-house developers to execute the job.
  • Higher costs: Planning for a customized website design requires developing it as per your business demands. This requires extra cost of hiring professional Magento developers to build your website and maintain it.

The Final word:
While it’s certain that a custom Magento theme can go a long way in keeping your business running smoothly, it is essential that you invest in either of the two options after considering factors like budget and urgency of putting up a website. So, which one would you prefer - customized Magento website or a ready-made Magento template? Let us know in the comments below.